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Advertising Education Fundraiser

Post by Terrence20 » Fri Feb 19, 2021 10:35 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,

First I thank for your time and the kind considerations for the readings. For several years, I have had a long-term academic preference to studying in the US, and gladly, last year I got an admission letter from Brown University as a Physics graduate cohort. However, due to the global pandemic and changes in funding circumstances as other students, I am facing an unexpected shift and cancellation of external funding for school fees. So I am planning to write the fundraiser at GofundMe platform asking to cover part of this sudden shortfall through fundraising for trying to get stable funding sources during two years of Graduate studies.

You can find more details information here,
The brief summary for the current pledge policy & Payback Process for the contributor is listed as,
+Access for the personal blog(password protected) where I plan to update the personal post during Graduate schools.
+Option for Payback option
+Option for personal contacts and University counseling. (For the donors who donate more than $500)
+Option for Physics lesson(high school, undergraduate, for a year duration). (For the donors who donate more than $1,500)

Thus if you would like to support the education of a young student with proven academic performances, please do not hesitate to make a donation on the above links or reach out personally to discuss the details of further sponsorship arrangements. Last but not least, any amount of support, no matter how small, will make huge support and allow me to finish my graduate studies. Furthermore, It might be appreciated if you share the Fundraiser links to relevant organizations or acquaintances who may concern.
Thank you

With sincere gratitude,

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