One laser I'm looking partners to research ?

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One laser I'm looking partners to research ?

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laser and 4km = 2,5 miles Screen

screen = photocamera ( screen can register geometry & brightness - "Luminous Intensity")


Michelson Morley proved that light speed is indepentent
light speed is C not C+Vearth!
(They confirmed all directions )
It was and is very important
experiment for physics.

My home calibration test confirmed MM experiment .
We can calibrate new tool - many new applications wait ...


All authors repeat below IDEA only own words use.

what You think ... ??? please read below paragraph and .... what You thing about last pictures

" Galileo postulated his relativity hypothesis:

any two observers moving at constant speed and direction with respect to one another will obtain the same results for all mechanical experiments

(it is understood that the apparatuses they use for these experiments move with them).

In pursuing these ideas Galileo used the scientific method (Sec. 1.2.1): he derived consequences of this hypothesis and determined whether they agree with the predictions.

This idea has a very important consequence: velocity is not absolute. This means that velocity can only be measured in reference to some object(s), and that the result of this measurment changes if we decide to measure the velocity with respect to a diferent refernce point(s). Imagine an observer traveling inside a windowless spaceship moving away from the sun at constant velocity. Galileo asserted that there are no mechanical experiments that can be made inside the rocket that will tell the occupants that the rocket is moving . The question ``are we moving'' has no meaning unless we specify a reference frame (``are we moving with respect to that star'' is meaningful). This fact, formulated in the 1600's remains very true today and is one of the cornerstones of Einstein's theories of relativity."



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