Time off, no research--harmful to app?

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Re: Time off, no research--harmful to app?

Post by vttd » Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:19 am

midwestphysics wrote:I don't think you'd burn any bridges, especially since they seem to be having issues getting you funding which in itself is enough to reapply another year. Switching from physics to astro in the app process is fine I would assume, I don't think anyone would hold that against you. As for the issue of the 15th, I'm thinking and this is just speculation, but I'm thinking that their last hope to find funding for you is if they end up under their projection of acceptances and right now they're probably boarder line. The situation is tricky, since you won't know about your funding there until it’s too late for the other offers. If it was me, and this may be just me, I'd just assume that no funding exists and decide whether I want to go to this other school or reapply next year. That's totally a personal judgment call though; others might have a better suggestion.
I agree. It sounds like the professor is waiting to see how many astronomy prospectives accept. From reading your posts it sound like you are talking about UT Austin. UT Austin has a pretty strong astronomy program so I wouldn't count on it happening, but you never know. It's okay to hold your offers until April 15th if you're unsure. But if you think you would rather try again next year if funding does not come through for this school, then decline your second offer. You only really need the one offer if you are deciding between reapplying or accepting this offer with astronomy funding. But if you honestly see yourself attending the second school, mull it over.

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Re: Time off, no research--harmful to app?

Post by creepypasta13 » Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:15 pm

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Re: Time off, no research--harmful to app?

Post by grae313 » Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:23 pm

creepypasta13 wrote:But since its so late to the deadlines, I figure that that school must be pretty angry at me by now and still might frown on me for declining the offer now as opposed to a few days before Apr 15. I don't think anyone here can answer that, but if its true, then I don't see how its any worse than waiting until near Apr 15 as I would still say theres a 10% chance or so I might take their offer
Declining a week before the deadline is still way better than declining at the deadline. Declining now still gives another student a chance to have your spot, as some are inevitably still hanging on and hoping to get lucky. Declining on April 14th or 15th is likely to not give another student your spot, as everyone will have been forced to make a decision by that point.

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