Editing this SOP...My GRE

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Editing this SOP...My GRE

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can you guys help to edit this SOP..I want to do a PhD in Physics in Quantum computation and I want to make more towards quantum computation.(Quantum Optics).

Since childhood, the studies of Hindu-philosophy and science fiction have interested me profoundly in natural sciences. I began to learn the basic principles of sciences after I joined Capital College and Research Center, which is one of the best colleges in Nepal, for my Higher Secondary Level studies. Back then, I chose physics as a major subject and determined my future area of concern for my university studies.
I became especially interested in Physics in B.Sc. third year when there were subjects like Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Physics and Solid State Physics in the curriculum. After studying their basic concepts thoroughly, my capacity to analyze Physics problems broadened and I developed the habit of solving every problem with its physical interpretations.
My journey to Physics attained a distinct level when I got admitted to the Central Department of Physics, Tribhuvan University. Under the guidance of the top Physicists of South Asia, my knowledge in courses like Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics, and Statistical Mechanics started growing. The class lectures of Prof. Dr. Binil Aryal about the formulation of Quantum Mechanics and its application in various areas and the frequent interactions with him about the related topics helped me to develop the knowledge of non-relativistic quantum mechanics and apply the knowledge to study the atomic, molecular and other mechanical systems.
My ambition to be a researcher in Condensed Matter Physics was strengthened when I studied General Solid State Physics, Quantum mechanics, and Statistical Mechanics. The topics like Semiconductor, Superconductivity, Quantum Computation, Luminescence, Acoustic physics, and Magnetism were always intriguing. So, I selected Advanced Solid State Physics as my elective course in the third and fourth semesters of my Master's program. In addition to theoretical knowledge and exposure to contemporary research, I have developed a good understanding of scientific computation, too. I independently took online courses in Python and C++ programming in solving complex mathematical problems in physics on edX (one of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)). Besides, I did fairly well in the laboratory course of my graduate studies and am confident about the competence of my experimental skills. As I am always open to learning new things, I guess I can learn the operation of sophisticated lab instruments if I ever come across new instrumentation. The frequent discussions with teachers in the field of Condensed Matter Physics, its scope, areas of research and the current developments further expanded my knowledge in the field to a greater extent. Combined with a desire to inspire other students as Prof. Narayan Prasad Adhikari has done to me, I have decided to pursue a career in academia and ultimately become a Professor of Physics.
After I completed my Master's program, I took "Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials" an online course on edX provided by Massachusetts Institute of Technology on an independent basis. This course introduced me to the origins of the electronic, optical, and magnetic properties of materials and how these properties can be engineered to suit particular applications, including diodes, optical fibers, LEDs, and solar cells. In addition, I also took "The Finite Element Method for Problems in Physics" on Coursera (MOOC) provided by the University of Michigan. This second course introduced me to the finite element method as applicable to a range of problems in physics and engineering sciences. To make my research interest and career goal in Physics further entrenched, I have attended several seminars such as, "Physics of Negative temperature", "Application of Physics in context of Nepal" and a Talk Program on, "Technological Entrepreneurship: Key to World Peace and Prosperity", given by Nobel laureate Dr. Dan Shechtman. These programs not only enhanced my understanding of the technical content of physical theories but also inspired me to adore the qualities like maturity, honesty, and devotion required to be a good researcher. I am confident that the MS program in Physics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette would be a great step towards my goal and the experience gained there will allow me to conduct research, disseminate research activities for technological innovation, motivate and guide young and curious minds to acquire fundamental understandings in Physics. Mainly, I am drawn to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s family since it conducts research in experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Computational Physics. The current research areas include studies of various Luminescent Materials and Fluorescence such as Triboluminescence, Radio-luminescence, Thermometry, Phosphorescence, and the elasto-magnetic behavior of novel alloys.
I would be fully dependent on aid to finance my graduate studies. I also have some experience as a teaching assistant. Not only have I enjoyed it, but the students have also appreciated it. This makes me confident that I will be a good teacher also. Being in a graduate assistant program serves to strengthen communication, improve multitasking skills, instill leadership characteristics and promote the importance of working in a team environment. Therefore, I am interested in a Graduate Assistantship.
Keeping in mind my long-term goals, my immediate objective is to work towards MS in Physics. I am aware of the kind of dedication, perseverance and resolve I need to have for a fruitful career in research and teaching. I believe my background has not only qualified me technically but also given me the right mindset for such a career.
I look forward to joining as a graduate student at your department and having a long and mutually profitable association with University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
Sincerely, Anish Dhungana University of Louisiana at Lafayette ID: dhungana.anish01@gmail.com.

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