ETS lost our tests for 12 Nov 2011 GRE Subject test in Rome

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Evgenii Safonov
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ETS lost our tests for 12 Nov 2011 GRE Subject test in Rome

Post by Evgenii Safonov » Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:11 am

Hello everybody. I reposted this topic here (in Tests and Scores part) and I ask administrators of this forum to delete my previous topic in the general part of forum.

I search for people who have passed their GRE Subject tests at 11/11/11 in Rome, at Jone Cabotin University.
As far as I understand, ETS have lost our tests or our results, therefore nobody know their scores and they could not be submitted to universities. I base this conclusion on information from 3 different people, including mine, and our communication with ETS services and persons who have organized our test at Jone Cabotin University in Rome.

My topic is aimed in achieving 2 goals.
First of all I want to find all persons who have passed this Subject test in the same center with me, and as I know, there were people who have passed GRE Physics. To my mind, we have to communicate with each other in order to unify our efforts to solve the very serious problems with our tests. So I invite everybody who have the same trouble to share their contacts and all information concerning these Subject tests which we have passed 11/11/11 in Rome
My e-mail is:
And the second, I want to ask everybody at this forum if they know any information about such unusual cases, as lost of number of tests by ETS. And what You can advice us to do toward the solution of our problem?
At this moment my ideas are:
- To demand ETS to send explanation mails to our score recipients.
- To communicate by ourselves with universities.
- To demand refund for all our expanses for this exam and may be compansation for the damage to our scientific carreers from ETS.

Evgenii Safonov

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