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My poor TOEFL score snuffing out my hope for further study??

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:31 pm
by wang
Hello everyone. :)

I am applying for UT austin and Columbia for my continuing research in graphene. As a passionate undergraduate research assistant, I have been focused on their respective research group for one year. Having been exploring properties of graphene for almost one year, I strongly desire to join them. However, I do not know whether my poor TOEFL score(73=22+16+17+18) admit me into their schools. I tried to ask their secretaries but I did not receive any reply.

Additionally, my GRE score :V 154(64%), Q 170(99%),A 3.0(11%), and my physics GRE may be a full score(to be known).
Major GPA:3.9; Overall GPA:3.6.

Thank you very much. Any suggestions from you will be appreciated very much.