Which GRE scores to send?

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Which GRE scores to send?

Post by QueerKutta » Fri Jul 02, 2021 3:04 am

I took the GRE twice and I got the following results:

First Attempt : March 6,2021
V: 163
Q; 166
W: 4.0

Second Attempt: June 23, 2021
V: 161
Q : 167
W: 4.5

I am looking to apply to schools like University of California - Berkeley. Should I retake the GRE? To have a reasonable shot at such schools, what should I do? If not retake, which set of scores should I send?
(If it helps my school GPA is 4.83/5.00 (end of year 3) and I haven't taken Physics GRE yet)

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