Low Writing Score

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Low Writing Score

Post by QueerKutta » Sun Jun 20, 2021 8:24 am

I took the GRE once and my score was as follows:
Verbal: 163
Quant: 166
Writing : 4

Now, I am giving the GRE again in a few days. I have not made any significant improvement to be honest. My Quant score in the practice tests has increased to 168, but my verbal is around the same. My writing score has plateaued at 4. I am most worried about my Essay score as I can't help it but wonder what am I doing wrong.

I am aiming for schools like University of California, Berkeley. Note that I am international.
(P.S. I don't think I need to give TOEFL because I am studying in NTU, Singapore where the language of instruction is English.)
Should I be worried about my writing score? Should I cancel my GRE test date to a later one so I can have time to improve my Writing score?
I am going to be a senior already in two months. I am worried that I am out of time to give Physics GRE.

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Re: Low Writing Score

Post by geekusprimus » Sun Jun 20, 2021 12:42 pm

Your regular GRE barely matters. It's basically just a hoop to jump through to make sure that you can read, write and do math. A 4 on the writing section is fine.

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