Retake general GRE for writing?

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Retake general GRE for writing?

Post by 128to175 » Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:51 pm

General Scores:
V: 162
Q: 169
W: 3.0
(also domestic student)

Didn't bother prepping for writing since it's supposedly the least important for physics grad and I figured I'd do average. I'm mostly worried about university wide cutoffs, I've seen a few schools using 3.5 or 4 as minimums, and the department has to appeal to accept. The rest of my app is competitive for the schools I'm looking at.

What worries me the most is stats like: ... nformation. They have no official minimum scores, but the 5th percentile for accepted is 3.5 which makes me think that's a cutoff...

So should I retake just for writing?

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Re: Retake general GRE for writing?

Post by rhmancil » Wed Oct 16, 2019 7:46 pm

You have to retake the GRE. I mean, 3 points in analytical writing can be a decent score for someone who is not native speaker like me. But you are a native speaker!

It is sad, because your score in VR and QR are pretty good. You should retake the GRE, that is my advice. You can see it as opportunity to reach a perfect score in QR.

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