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Low GRE but good PGRE score

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:04 am
by pc-21
Hi, I am a senior physics major and am interested in applying for physics PhD. I took the PGRE some time ago and got a 930 (88 percentile) which I thought wasn't bad. However, I proceeded to get a very low quantitative score on the GRE, meaning 159. I've actually taken the GRE twice now and I just can't seem to do better, and am discouraged in this regard. I have had two REUs, and have done well in my classes. I'm curious to hear about my chances of getting into graduate school. I've heard most physics departments weigh the PGRE more heavily than the general GRE (which I believe would be in my favor), but I am not sure if they had a score of 159 in mind when they said that.