my stomach hates me as much as I hate my quant score

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my stomach hates me as much as I hate my quant score

Post by hopeful2018 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:13 pm

So I'm interested in applying for PhD physics programs with a proposed field of AMO and quantum information. I'm looking at schools like the University of Toronto and the University of Arizona.

As of current, I know my physics GRE score and have the unofficial score presented after the general GRE (I just finished it today). And here are my scores.

Physics GRE: 820 (72)
Quant GRE:160 :oops:
Verbal GRE:160

So I botched the quant part of the general as a combination of not eating, stupid anxiety, and not keeping track of time. The test was fairly easy but in both sections of the quant part, I managed to forget to pace myself and spent a bit too much time making sure I didn't vomit or crap myself because of a real mean stomach ache. This resulted in poor performance on the Q GenGRE and now I'm looking for hope.

Do I have a good chance of being accepted to AMO and quantum information programs with this score in mind? (All things equal, and I am an average physics undergrad with minimal research experience, but a strong desire to work hard and get some research done) The reason I ask is likely obvious: the Q GenGRE consists of basic maths and a physicist should know them very well. Should I retake the test( money isn't super good rn but I can manage) or should I live and die with my score?

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Re: my stomach hates me as much as I hate my quant score

Post by Photon » Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:20 am

you serious I'd be happy with that score, Ill probably get lower due to anxiety. We got the same PGRE scores :D . It's not too bad , PGRE weights more.

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