General GRE scores

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General GRE scores

Post by zhutchens1 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:15 am

Up to the present, I have taken the general GRE twice, and best score was V = 153 (63%), Q = 160 (76%), AW = 4.5 (82%). I am trying to decide whether or not to take it again -- I would really like to get my verbal/quan scores up a bit, but it's also an expensive test and I'm not sure that would be worth it. I took the October physics GRE and will likely score around 50th percentile, which is fine for me as (i) I am going into astronomy PhD and (ii) only 3-4 of my schools require it.

Other important info: I have a 4.0 at my current institution, although I attended community college before university and my GPA was slightly lower then (~3.5). I have done one REU, been to 4 national conferences, and one international, specialized conference on stellar astrophysics. I have a first author publication in astronomy.

Here are the schools I'm applying to (all astrophysics):
- University of Arizona
- University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
- UNC Chapel Hill
- Michigan State
- Georgia Tech
- Georgia State Univ.
- University of Indiana, Bloomington
- Stony Brook

Based on that list, is it worth taking the general GRE again?

If so, what are the best ways that I can prep for it, as I have only a few weeks before the test date?

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