Resource recommendation: Quantitative reasoning preparation

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Resource recommendation: Quantitative reasoning preparation

Post by zhutchens1 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:34 pm

I recently took the general GRE and scored kind of low (160, 78%) on the quantitative reasoning section. I neglected to study for it because I'm an arrogant physics major, and to my surprise, a few of the questions were actually a bit tricky. I think that my problem is largely about misreading/misinterpreting the question before I even start the math.

I don't feel that I really need a full-on review of mathematics topics for the quantitative section, with the exception of a couple problem-areas. I'm working through the Princeton Review prep book, but I'm soon to finish and I'm needing a place to practice my quantitative reasoning skills.

Does anyone know if there are any giant reservoirs of quantitative reasoning practice problems with solutions? Ideally this would have 500 or more problems, but please share any similar resources you know off.


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Re: Resource recommendation: Quantitative reasoning preparation

Post by space orca » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:10 pm

I took the GRE more than once. The first time I got a 156 on the Quant. At the time I only used Princeton Review as well. I think the best way to practice is to go through the problems found in the Official reviews. So do the two paper tests and read through the solutions found in "The Official Guide to the GRE revised general test" as well as the 150 quant problems in "Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning practice problems ( ... 053569.pdf)" as well as the problems from the two POWERPREPII tests (there are solutions somewhere online for that too, with explanations).

I was able to get to 164 recently which is good enough for me. In my opinion Princeton Review encourages bad practice techniques, namely they over emphasize "Plugging In" for virtually every single problem-type. It works, but then I found myself running out of time through that method. I've heard the 5LB Manhattan prep book is pretty nice but I decided to just stick with stuff ETS made.

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