Pass No Pass Grade

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Pass No Pass Grade

Post by kitaewolf » Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:24 pm

Hi, I'm currently a UC Berkeley student majoring in physics. I just wanted to confirm something about the Berkeley grading system. So I was little bit interested in pure mathematics, and I decided to take an upper div math course, which the physics department recommended. But I took caution and made the upper div math course pass/no pass (or known as pass/fail). So, my question is:

If I don't pass the course, it shouldn't affect my major GPA since it neither affects my overall GPA, according to the University policy

And also, this shouldn't affect admission chances to let's say physics or engineering grad school in terms of overall and major GPA consideration since, first, the subject is on pure mathematics, not physics that I'm majoring in, and second, the course is taken in pass/no pass basis?

Thanks guys!! Happy 2012!!

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Re: Pass No Pass Grade

Post by asdfuogh » Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:48 pm

I think that if you were a viable candidate, one tiny detail on one particular class shouldn't affect you much. Also, if it was a bad detail, and it wasn't so tiny, you should still be able to explain it away if you were a viable candidate.. right? It's not like applying for undergrad when there are a crapload of applications to go through; I'm thinking that most of these applications are viewed as a whole more so one tiny mistake won't screw you over in all but the most elitist (or highly demanded) programs.

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