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Will good math grades somewhat makeup for bad physics grades

Posted: Tue May 24, 2011 9:15 am
by vs
Obviously physics grades are more important but if you're going into theory would good math grades help? I know gpa is only part of the picture but as my research experience won't be very extensive I don't want 2 huge blots on my application.

Physics 1 B+
Physics 2 A
Mechanics A
EM 1 B+
EM 2 B-
QM 1 A-
QM 2 A
Thermo A-

Calc 1 C+
Calc 2 B
Calc 3 A
Linear Algebra A-
Diff Eq. A
Parital Dff Eq A
Adanced linear algebra A-
Real Analysis 1 A
Real Analysis 2 A
Modern Algebra 1 A
Grad Topology A
Grad Analysis A