Last 60 credits include nontransferring gpa transfer credits

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Last 60 credits include nontransferring gpa transfer credits

Post by PhysicsOutkast » Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:50 pm

Hey Everybody,

So some of the schools I'm looking at ask about your last 60 credits, but I'm unsure how I should arrive at that number. The semester back when I would arrive at 60 credits is in the summer. I took classes at both my home institution and transferred a few from another school nearby. The thing is, while my school accepts transfer credit, it doesn't calculate them into my gpa. So I'm confused how to arrive at the number without being dishonest. The instructions are as follows for the last 60 creds,

"A GPA for an applicant's last 60 credit hours (90 quarter hours) of your first college/university (baccalaureate) degree is requested in Question 21 of the Graduate College application. If your first degree is still in progress, use the last 60 hours completed to date. When counting back to arrive at your last 60 credit hours, please include the entire semester's grades in which your final 60th credit hour falls. Therefore, the total credit hours you arrive at may be slightly more than 60. Enter credit hours earned for certain letter grades and the calculator below will automatically 1) multiply the grade points for the number of credit hours certain grades are received, 2) sum total credit hours and total weighted credits, and 3) divide total weighted credits by total credit hours to arrive at a GPA..........Also, if you have any non-graded courses or courses with grades which do not receive grade points (pass/fail, credit/non-credit, incomplete, deferred, etc.), do not enter these hours below. However, these hours are to be used to determine the last 60 hour cohort described above. "

Technically I received a grade but at another school. Should I just use this class to arrive at the 60 credits and not enter the hours to calculate my gpa as instructed because it doesn't show up on my home transcript. Or, should I include the gpa and hours, or even skip this class and just count the semester before at my home school? I just don't want to come off as trying to pull a fast one because the difference in GPA is 0.1 points, 3.8 to 3.9.



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Re: Last 60 credits include nontransferring gpa transfer credits

Post by pqortic » Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:09 pm

As you may know the purpose of this part of the application is to show your performance in the advanced physics courses. because you take most of the core and elective courses and 4xxx courses close to the end of your program. so what I would recommend is that treat all the courses you took in the other school the same as the courses in your current school and calculate your gpa. furthermore, most of the grad schools that I have seen ask for transcripts from all the schools that you have attended. so you need to send them transcripts from both schools and they can see all the courses and grades that you received in other school too.

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