B+ grades in higher level physics couses

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B+ grades in higher level physics couses

Post by plsgetintophd » Mon Dec 20, 2021 12:40 am

Reading some posts on the site, it seems that a B+ in advanced mechanics or E&M courses are BAD. But how bad, for a physics PhD program. is a B+/A- really that awful it seems like people are exaggerating. Would love some more insight.

Thank you.

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Re: B+ grades in higher level physics couses

Post by occamsshaver12 » Mon Dec 20, 2021 4:22 pm

As is always the case, it depends on the context. If you have isolated cases of Bs, then it is okay. Barely anyone would care. If you have a few Bs, then it is a problem. If you just have Bs and a few A sprinkled here and there, then it is a big problem. None of this damns you, but it just means the rest of your profile needs to be even better to eclipse the Bs.

As these posts have pointed out, almost everyone gets an A, A- or B+ (only a few) in graduate courses. Anything below means you didn't understand the course material. But I think the committee members would understand if you have isolated cases of Bs since studying for grad courses is somewhat different than studying for undergrad courses.

If you have B+ in some of your grad courses, just try to make other areas of your profile look better. I can guarantee you that professors won't even notice that if something good in your profile catches their eyes. Other than that, I would try not to worry about it because it is out of your control. I had a B- in graduate quantum during undergrad and I hated looking at my transcript. I did try to make other areas better and it worked out.

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