Elite MS in Germany Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Elite MS in Germany Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Post by ascientific6bus » Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:14 pm

I am final year Student of 5 year integrated Masters in Physics. NIT ROURKELA, INDIA. I Wish to join Elite MS in theoretical and mathematical physics at LUM, Munchen. Also, looking for similar theoretical intensive programs in Germany and rest of Europe.
What are my chances to get into my programs of choice?

GRE: 312 Q: 162 V: 150 AWA 3.0
Subject GRE PHYSICS 680

CGPA 6.3, Toppers CGPA 8.9 (10 point scale CGPA)

Publications (all relevant to field of study)
2 in international journals
2 in arxiv, submitted to journals
1 chapter of a book
Publications are result of total 8 months of internship
LOR 2 strong 1 medium

I realise my GPA is very low and so with above credentials will I be considered for any such programs. Also, if given chance to appear for an interview, I am confident that I will do good.

Finally, funding is a concern too.

Thanks and regards.

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Re: Elite MS in Germany Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Post by Ptolemy » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:51 am

It is true that many Universities in Germany pay a lot of attention to your GPA when it comes to admissions. However, you have nothing to lose by applying there since there is no application fee. You have some publications and this is not a very common thing among european students which means that it could give you a good boost. Maybe you could choose not to send them the GRE scores too since they are not particularly good and they don't require them anyway. Theoretical Physics programmes in Europe (and the one you mention in particular) tend to focus on Mathematics a lot so a good background in Mathematics is necessary and you should show that in your application.

Regarding other programmes, you could see this thread that I made asking the same question: http://www.physicsgre.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=6620

Utrecht is also a great place for High Energy Theoretical Physics and so is Hambourg which has a Mathematical Physics programme.

Unfortunatelly, you will probably need to fund your studies on your own although there are some alternatives. For example if you choose to apply to a German University, there is DAAD which offers some scholarships for international students. Similarly, you could find some scholarships in other countries but they are very limited so keep your expectations low.

Something else that you should keep in mind is that many programmes admit many students which means bigger classes and less chances to be admitted for a PhD in the same place (in case you had such plans).

Finally, I want to remind you that Masters in UK are costly and take 1 year unlike the rest of Europe where the duration of the Master is 2 years in most cases.

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