How about applying to Bonn astrophysics program????

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How about applying to Bonn astrophysics program????

Post by rizard » Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:03 am

Hi, I am an asian student.

Except Northwestern, I got all rejections this year.
I am still waiting for Northwestern but I think that it will be safe to apply to other university to prepare emergency.

I found that applying to Bonn still have time.

Thus, I will submit my application form until May 1.

I want to ask something about Bonn University.

1》 Actually, I applied to the univ without stipend. I already missed honor branch application. Well, I know that studying abroad requires a lot of money.

Anayway, my question is that applying to Bonn Masters in astrophysics wihtiout scholarship can be beneficial for me??
(I think that I should spend my money only about 1 year)

I just want to gather many people's opinions.

2》How about Bonn astrophysics??? Is the university famous in astriphysics??? Well, I saw some people who have astrophysics degree at the univ. I want to figure out the university's fame in astrophysics and their research environment. Please give some comments if anybody knows the univ.


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Re: How about applying to Bonn astrophysics program????

Post by Tacosbeforevatos » Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:15 pm

I am not familiar with that university but I am an american student and have only looked at schools in the US. So can't really help as far as "reputation".
I think whether doing a 1 year master's is beneficial or not depends on your profile.. unless you have quite low gpa or no research experience.. I would not think that paying for a 1 year program is going to help you out that much for future applications.

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