School recommendation and application advice

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School recommendation and application advice

Post by kenath » Thu Jan 19, 2017 9:36 am

I am from Sri Lanka and graduated from The Open University of Sri Lanka. (OUSL) I got 3.40/4.00 GPA. My major GPA is 3.75 which is for Physics. But I repeated 21 credits from my minor, Zoology, because of that I only got "C" passes for them. Then I completed M.Sc. in Medical Physics from Peradeniya University and got 3.9/4.00 GPA. And also got MPhil from OUSL. Published two research papers in local journals. Also I have two years of experince in research in Nano composite materials which is done for my MPhil. I got 166 for verbal reasoning, 161 for quantitative reasoning and 5 for analytical writing in GRE. PGRE is 910.

This year I applied to follwoing universities in USA.

North Dakota State University
University of Pittsburgh
Oklahoma State University
Missouri S&T
Oakland University
Mississippi State University
University of Central Florida
Wesleyan University
Clark University

Is there any possiblity to accept me from one of those universities? Does my repeated subjects are affect to the selection process?

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