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Please help me decide my gradschool list

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:22 pm
by mohamed9rm
Hi, I am an internation student (Egypt, not china or india) with 3.4 GPA, 700 PGRE, 47% Verbal GRE and 70% Quantitative GRE and 104 TOEFL. I am applying for all biophysics and CME/CMT. I have some research experience (1 internship 1 project and 1 thesis senior project all in biophysics), with no publications. and my recommendation letters is somewhat good. My school is top in physics at my country, and i took two weeks to prepare for the pgre, and also note i am still a senior.
My question is, given my scores above, will i have a chance of admitting in any of those universities? what of them is a very long shot, and what probably will accept me? should i take a masters first, and then apply for a decent phd school? what do you think is best? I am applying for
1) Georgia Tech
2) Wisconsin Madison
3) Northeastern
4) Brandeis
5) George Mason
6) Pittsburgh
7) Indiana
8) Mass Amherst
9) Purdue
10) McGill
11) Alberta
12) U Florida
13) Rochester
14) Rutgers
15) NYU
16) Northetn Illinois
17) Lehigh
18) IST Austria
19) UC Irvine
20) Waterloo