Low PGRE should i still apply to these?

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Low PGRE should i still apply to these?

Post by g0rteks » Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:58 am

So her we go. I just got my PGRE score this morning and saw that i got a 680(46%), i took all the practice test and got over 800 on some but i have pretty bad test anxiety especially for standardized testing. My GPA at a small more research focused institution is a 3.5, i have about 6 months research outside of physics, programming facial recognition in C++. I have about 1 year in condensed matter experimental doing condensed matter spectroscopy i expect a second author publication in the Phys Rev.B soon but not in time for apps ,and hopefully will be attending the APS march meeting. I won a small grant from the NSF to do research over the summer on the same project and spent some time at brookhaven national labs. I was planning to apply to all or some of the programs below . If anyone with any insight can let me know how realistic these are, that would be great. Also i am a domestic male minority (hispanic/black) and want to go into experimental condensed matter physics. thanks in advance.

Stony Brook
Florida state
University of Florida
Columbia (my research adviser works with someone there and knows me personally)
Ohio State
U. Minnesota twin cities
Boston University
Rensselaer Polytechnic institute

if you have any suggestions too that would be great.

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