Complex networks/condensed matter

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Complex networks/condensed matter

Post by dss387 » Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:38 pm

Hello all!
I am applying to physics departments for a rather niche subject. I'm interested in complex networks and condensed matter (leaning towards theory, but experiments that include theory would be most preferred). To be honest I haven't decided between the two, and would be most happy finding some combination of them both. I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere with decidedly strong programs in these fields, particularly complex networks (condensed matter is everywhere). As of now I have a list consisting of:

UC Davis
U. Maryland College Park
UT Austin
UC Santa Barbara
U Michigan Ann Arbor
Columbia (these bottom four and here mostly because of the sheer size and endowment at these schools, I figure I can really find anything I want)


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