Astronomy Grad Schools

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Astronomy Grad Schools

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I'm new to the forum. I'm a physics student graduating this year from basically your run-of-the-mill state school (a state school that doesn't offer phDs by the way). It's probably considered an above average institution as far as state schools with a mostly undergrad population go, but it's reputation is mostly based on highly ranked undergrad engineering programs.

I've been working on the grad school application process. I have a physics GPA of about 3.9, and a cumulative GPA of about a 3.65. I have two summer REU experiences. My GRE scores are: Quant - 85%, Verbal - 90%, Writing - 35%, Physics - 60% (730 scaled).

I am looking into astronomy programs, wishing to do research in more theoretical work in astrophysics (not observational or instrumentation stuff). So, first, I would really appreciate if you guys think that I would be fairly competitive based on what I've said. Also, I'd really appreciate if you could comment on my grad school list:

U of Wisc - Madison
U of Wash - Seattle
CU Boulder
U of A
Penn State

What would you think my chances are of getting into any of these? I'm trying to decide if I should remove some of the schools with lower reputations if I have a good chance of getting a lot of these. Or, maybe I should remove some to add more safeties?

I appreciate any advice/opinions you might have. Thanks!

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