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Need help with school selection given my low GGRE scores

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:34 pm
by krisna
I am applying to grad schools and I would like to know whether the schools I have shortlisted for applying are within my reach.

My stats are:
Undergrad: Electrical engineering at one of the top schools in India
CGPA: 3.67
Post grad: MSc in Physics
CGPA: 3.1 (but still topper in the class)

GGRE score:
Verbal : 153 :(
Quantitative : 165
AW : 3.5

PGRE: Last time (2yrs back) when I took it, I got 920. I will be taking it once again this October and I am expecting to get atleast 960.

Research experience:
1) 2 summer projects; one in astronomy and other in quantum mechanics.
2) A six months research project in General Relativity
But no publications yet.

Recos: I guess I'll be able to get some decent recos.

A word on my MSc CGPA: Though it looks low, I am the topper in my class. The evaluation procedure at my university is such that the highest grade that one can hope for is B.

The schools that I am interested in are:
1) UC Davis
2) Brown U
3) Texas A&M
4) Duke U

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...