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What should I choose IT Security or Biophysics/engineering?

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:56 am
by Special_9
Hi guys help me with this. I have studied for 3 courses in direction of Information Security in Technology and Electronics , but I do not know what will happen next with my learning if I 'm so confused. In our country, you can earn about 800$ as information security worker who have just finished learning at university (and it is not too much for life). So I have become interested with biophysics and bioengineering. We also have this direction in our faculty (Physics) and I'm thinking about changing my speciality. It is said that biophysics (in USA/ Europe) is a very promising specialty (both research/work), but in our country this direction is not supported too much . So what do you think about it ? I 'm truly looking forward to your advice/help.
PS. I'm also hunting to IT security PhD programs. Any advices?