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Yale vs. MIT in Condmat

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:42 pm
by oles
I want to choose between two universities: Yale and MIT.
My previous research was Quantum Hall Effect. Also I am interested in Quantum Information area, but I have no experience in it.
If I go to MIT, then I have RA on graphene on the first year (which is not my aim, but it is not bad to work for some time), further I can switch to any (including Quantum Information).
If I go to Yale, then I will have fellowship or TA, but there I know prof. in Quantum Information, with whom I could probably work (I'm not sure we will work at first year).

I have no criteria to make a choice. I am asking for your thoughts and advices (I want to make a choice as soon as possible).

P.S. I am international, so I have no possibility to attend open house days.

Re: Yale vs. MIT in Condmat

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:58 pm
by bfollinprm
MIT has a much more diverse CMT faculty, no? On that basis I'd choose MIT, but you really can't base this on anything other than a conversation with the faculty at each school (you should try to set up a skype conversation with the faculty members you're interested in working with at each school...if they don't have time to have a short conversation with you (an accepted student), that might indicate that they're unlikely to take you on in their group.

Re: Yale vs. MIT in Condmat

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:32 pm
by Skullgrid
If I were you'd I'd go with MIT.

Re: Yale vs. MIT in Condmat

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:50 am
by oles
Thank you :wink:
I'll accept MIT offer.