Please help: school selection

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Please help: school selection

Post by godott » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:04 pm

My stats are:
Undergraduate institute: A top50 public university in the U.S, top10 in physics

Major: Physics, Mathematics
Minor: Computer science

Overall GPA:3.54
Physics GPA:3.61
Math GPA:4

GRE score: Quant 800 Verbal 540 AW 3.0 (Old)

Research experience: 1. Worked in a superconductivity group for two summers, focusing on testing Josephson Junctions, data analysis
2. Did some reading course about gauge field under the instruction of some professor
3. Wrote a paper in Data mining(computer science) as the third author

But my work were not that impressive so I don't know if I can get three impressive LoRs.

My interests are CME/CMT, computational physics.
I am a little worried about my physics gpa. B in Quantum II and another physics writing course.
Where should apply for safety? Can I get into UIUC, Columbia or UMich?


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