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M/PhD programs for physics minor

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:42 am
by physicsminor
I graduated in 2009 with physics minor and regret not majoring in it. I am currently registered to take some post bacc courses at Georgia Tech that are required for their bachelors - I begin in Jan '12.

Friends and family think it may be possible to gain 'conditional' acceptance to a grad program whereby I would have to successfully complete a few semesters of make up work. I don't think anyone would accept my Dartmouth minor and have decided to do past bacc combined with intense self study. I have recently completed relearning/learning Calculus, linear Algebra, most of Quantum 1 (using textbooks for GT undergrad).
I would appreciate any advice or grad programs that I should consider and visit with.

If I continue with post bacc, does anyone know of upper level physics courses in the summer?