Best string theory groups in Europe

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Best string theory groups in Europe

Post by concave » Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:50 am

Hey everybody!

I am looking into doing a PhD in Europe, in string theory. I think many people here are, so it would be great if we could collect some info...

I was thinking we could name some institutions and researchers that are good in Europe. We should take into account things like 1) how strong the team is 2) how nice the place is to live in (if the best string theory group in the world was in Siberia, I still wouldnt go :) and 3) things like salary, how many years they fund you, working conditions and 4) future job prospects.

Please also mention whether the research groups you mention are a "highly theoretical group" or a more "phenomenological or hands-on group".

For my part I can mention that the University of Utrecht is good. I do not know if they are a highly theoretical group, but I have heard Dutch PhD salaries are very high comparatively. Does anyone know if they are still considered top notch now that t'Hooft has retired?

Best of luck to everybody :D

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