applied physics

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applied physics

Post by answertw » Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:18 am

Hello guys, I want to ask about the difficulty of applying to applied physics in M.S., like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc.

I'm a student in Physics department in B.S., and I really want to study physics PHD in the future.
However, my GPA and researching experience are not so good, so I think that applying to M.S. degree before PH.D will be easier.
Originally, I planned to applied EE in M.S., and then apply to physics PHD after graduating from M.S., because some schools' EE is easier to apply than physics, like Harvard and Yale. But after all, I am in physics department in B.S., it is more familiar to me.
Is it easier to applied to Harvard、Yale 's applied physics M.S, and then apply to their PHD program years later?
or first applied to Harvard and Yale's EE in M.S., then applied to PHD in physics?

Thank you

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Re: applied physics

Post by WhoaNonstop » Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:39 am

answertw wrote:However, my GPA and researching experience are not so good
If you have any doubts about your performance in physics, you should look at other schools than "prestigious" ones. Don't waste your time applying to one of those programs if you're not confident in your capabilities. You probably will not get in with poor research experience.


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