Help me not waste money...

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Help me not waste money...

Post by maxyar » Sat Jun 11, 2011 9:25 pm


GPA: 3.1
PGRE: top quarter (not definite but likely)
Graduated in 2006 w/ B.S. honors Astrophysics.

I don't want to waste money applying to schools where I have <25% chance of getting in which I assume is a lot... any advice just forget about the top 50 schools and start there?

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Re: Help me not waste money...

Post by bfollinprm » Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:01 pm

yeah, start at like no. 40 and work down. You have a chance at higher-ranked schools, but it wont be a 25% chance at any given school.

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Re: Help me not waste money...

Post by WhoaNonstop » Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:06 am

Agreed. If you want to play it safe just look at schools in the 50's range and up. You can also find a few schools who have a slightly lower required GPA (2.5 or 2.75) if you are worried that the 3.1 won't be "far enough" above the usual 3.0. Really that is a minor issue, so just start at 40-50, pick 2 schools from there, pick 2 between 50-80 and 2 that are 80+ or so. 6 schools is a good number for people trying to be conservative money wise and you shouldn't have a problem getting accepted with that set up.


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Re: Help me not waste money...

Post by brylle28 » Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:46 am

Do not waste your money in learning things that you can learn on your own. Find mentors, find books, be open to opportunity. Yes, it does take a lot of self-motivation to do so, but non-conformists usually are some of the most motivated and creative people around.

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