Need advice for selecting school and department

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Need advice for selecting school and department

Post by back2life » Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:03 pm

Hey, I am an international student and will be applying for grad school for Fall (2010) session. I am in my final year of MSc(Physics) and B.E.(Electrical and Electronics)..( an integratd dual degree programme). I am fascinated by black holes and hence am keen to do my PhD in theoretical physics. Thing is, I am currently working on Astrophysical black holes(accretion physics) and this area (Relativistic Astrophysics) seems pretty interesting to me. I am also interested in black holes thermodynamics, string theory and quantum gravity. However it seems, that in many universities the astrophysics and the physics departments are separate and I will have to apply to either one of them. I am not too sure of the sub field in want to do my PhD in, so I can't just apply to any department..

Could someone help me out with the problem I am facing? Some schools where I can work on both of my interests i.e.(Relativistic astrophysics and black hole physics)

My GPA in Physics is 9.4/10..I have done courses in Quantum field theory, General Relativity, Plasma Physics, Group Theory, particle physics.
Currently working on a research project on black hole accretion discs(Hoping to get a couple of papers here).

GRE(General) :Quant : 800
Verbal : 550
TOEFL: 115
PGRE : will be writing this Nov

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