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Where to apply / What to do?

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:21 pm
by bluecoconut
Okay, so... I guess I should give some quick background.

I am currently in my 3rd year at my university and will be graduating in the spring with physics and electrical engineering degrees. My GPA when I graduate will be around 3.94. I have done research here and overseas and will hopefully have 3 physics publications and 1 EE publication submitted by the time I apply (all 1st or 2nd authors, only 2 have been submitted so far).

I am currently trying to decide where to apply and what to apply for. I honestly have no idea what field I would like to go into. So far I have been researching CMP and solid state physics, although I am not sure if i want to continue it. I am pretty sure I would like to go to a top school, however I feel that ... a blanket apply to all the schools is probably a bad idea. What should I do to help get accepted even though I don't have a specific school or area that I would like to go to?

Also... if I need to just decide on an area of focus... is it too late to start emailing professors asking about their programs? Will it seem like i am just emailing them to get their good word rather than being curious about their program?

Thanks for any advice~