U of Toronto or UW-Madison (CMP)

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U of Toronto or UW-Madison (CMP)

Post by @nonymous » Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:26 am

Now I'm deciding between these two schools.
Which school do you think is better in overall(reputation, alumni, city, or whatever you think important) and which one is better to pursue CMP.

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Re: U of Toronto or UW-Madison (CMP)

Post by thisiswhoiam » Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:09 am

I'm also picking schools for CMP right now.

UW-Madision is one I'm considering, but I didn't apply to UofT since I wasn't sure about doing a masters first. If you have a gaurantee it's not a terminal masters, then UofT isn't so bad, but I just don't know anyone in the field I want to be in with a PhD from UofT, but a prof I really like at my undergrad insitituion did his in CM at Madision... I choose not to apply to UofT because I didn't think the reputation was as strong, but that could be my departments bias here in the states.

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Re: U of Toronto or UW-Madison (CMP)

Post by evilclaw2321 » Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:55 pm

hmm i dont know much about CMP but they are both very good schools with very good reputations. Toronto is a much bigger city if you like that supposed to be a nice place to live tho. Climates will probably be similar. If you're torn on the academics look at some thing like funding. Remember that canadian schools very rarely waive tuition like us schools so whatever they offered for funding tuition will have to come out of that.

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