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Post by CNOTE » Wed Mar 08, 2006 12:36 am

Hey everyone, I've looked at a bunch of your stats, so I feel obligated to show you mine. You know, just to give something back.

Caucasian American

Subject- 870
General GRE- Math- 800
Verbal- 780
Writing- 4.5

Research Experience- 1 REU at UCSD and not much else

BS in physics from a top 20 public school with a 4.0GPA

Urbana Champaign- Accepted
Washington- Accepted
Maryland- Accepted
Pennsylvania- Accepted
UCSD- Accepted
Stanford- Rejected
Chicago- Rejected
Berkeley- Waiting
Columbia- Waiting
Harvard- Waiting
MIT- Waiting

Of course, my best schools are still pending, but I'm not too confident anyways.

Good luck! :o

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