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medical physics program ranking

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:34 pm
by audreyh
Hey everyone,

wondering if anyone has an idea of the rankings of some of the CAMPEP accredited programs? Specifically, ones that are geared more towards students entering academia versus students entering clinic.


Re: medical physics program ranking

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:43 am
by Raio
I don't really know why don't look at the standing of the university itself, it might help to get an idea of the standing of the programs.
also the faculties, take a look at their CV/Resumes whether they are really involved in MP.
also imo I would consider a program to better if there is an actual department of medical physics in the school.
so if the programs is administrated under an interdepartmental project, I don't know but it could be a turn off, but hey sometimes you just want to get in ^^