Chances for CMP theory

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Siddharth Jain
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Chances for CMP theory

Post by Siddharth Jain » Sat Oct 08, 2022 1:15 pm

I have completed my Masters in Physics in May 2022 and am not sure about applying? My field of experience is in Non-equilibrium stat mech but I want to apply for CMT.

Undergrad Institution: Banaras Hindu University (well ranked in the country) (3years) (8.5/10)
Graduation: IIT Kanpur (One of the best in the country) (2 years) (8.5/10)
Major: Physics
Type of Student: International South Asian

GRE: Haven't taken yet, would ideally like to not take it if possible
TOEFL: I'm confident I can get a good score in this

Research Experience: One semester research in stat mech , going to be published in a good journal in few months. Will get a good LoR.
Internships: One summer reading project on neutrino physics (avg. to good LoR expected)

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: 2-3 certificates for topping national level physics and maths competitions in my UG. Departmental award in MSc. for top being 5 in grades. School level certificates for topping science competitions(don't know if that counts).

Summer Courses: One summer camp in mathematics, 2 summer course certificates by a very good research institute.

Skills: Knows Python/mathematica/Latex

Courses: Have done all core courses like CM/QM-1/QM-2/SM/MM/ED with good grades. I did a course in QFT which I barely passed due to some issues. I am afraid about it since its directly related to my interest. I have self-studied it after that though. Also, i dont have any other advanced courses relevant to my field and that may be harmful I think?

Can someone suggest what range of universities should i target if at all in usa?

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