Help me in shortlisting please!

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Help me in shortlisting please!

Post by Raychaudhuri » Sun Dec 27, 2020 9:43 am

BSc Degree from reputed Indian Institute
CGPA: 7.3 (major)
MSc Degree from reputed Indian Institute
CGPA: 7.8
Quantum Computation, Introduction to General Relativity, Astrophysics, Advanced course in General Relativity.

4 summers in relevant subjects around 2 months long each.
Pursuing master's thesis on General Relativity ( 11 months till now)
Pursuing one side project in Cosmology. ( 6 months till now) ( Hoping to get published in 2-3 months)
Total Experience: 15 months full time.

1 poster presentation at home university ( Idk if that counts)
2 Talks presented

TOEFL: 103
GRE: 318 (165Q, 153V)

List of the universities I am planning to apply (Ph.D. except wherever stated otherwise):
All in HEPth or Astrophysics



University at Buffalo
Texas A&M
University of New Hampshire

Match (at least I think so) :

Wake Forest University
Brigham Young University
Utah State University


UT Dallas
University of Cincinnati

Confused if I should apply to these:

SUNY Alabama
University at Albany

I am also thinking to apply for MSc in UK but not sure right now.


Please suggest to me if these universities look good according to my profile and if there is any decent chance to get in any of them (imposter syndrome at an all-time high!). Also, please suggest to me some universities I should look into and there is any university you think is not right for me or if I am reaching too out please feel free to tell me. Any recommendation is highly valuable.
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