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UCB vs. UW vs. NU for rare-event search physics

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 11:10 am
by rare_search
I am interested in experimental rare-event search physics. I’ve been accepted to UW, Berkeley, and Northwestern and was wondering if anyone had some insight on which of these departments has a better reputation for rare-event search physics, and for creating grad students who go on to get faculty positions.

Berkeley seems to be the hub for a lot of large, world-leading experiments, but I’m not sure if this might be a downside because these groups seem to be on the larger size and the PI’s might be more hands-off. UW and NU also have co-spokespersons for large experiments, but their groups seem smaller; therefore, there might be more individual attention from the PI/ more ability to stand out on an experiment. UW has the CENPA and NU has the CFP: both facilities are dedicated to fundamental physics research and may have as wide a variety of resources as Berkeley does with LBL. Or am I insane to even consider these other schools over Berkeley? If anyone has any comments at all I would really appreciate it!