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Re: GRE Physics low score

Post by DrPsyche » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:10 am

I got a very low score in GRE Physics- 740 (57%) and I'll have to take a year's drop to give it again. I wanted to do physics homework a PhD in Physics but I don't know if I'll get into universities of my choice.

I have published two conference papers, and have studied the very very basics of QFT as part of my industrial training.
CGPA: 9.1/10 (third in class)
GRE General: 164 (Q), 162 (V)
GRE Physics: 740 (57%)

Do I have a chance of getting into Physics PhD programs in UChicago, Pennsylvania or UIUC?
Hi there,

I guess it's better to consult the representatives of the unis. Not sure if you manage to get into UChicago, cause their requirements and ratings are pretty high. You may, however, contact Amy Schulz, Graduate Affairs Administrator (I wanted to join the course on Advanced Electrodynamics And Optics and sent my credentials to her). Just to be sure.
Here's the source with the additional info -

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