2d materials research outside top 10 schools (US)

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2d materials research outside top 10 schools (US)

Post by EverydayQuantum » Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:50 pm

Research in 2d materials such as graphene is currently a popular topic in condensed matter, but it may not be obvious for students what physics programs feature this research.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of faculty actively doing 2d materials experimental research at US physics departments beyond the top 10 programs (MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UCSB). Because the field is relatively young, many of these PIs are junior faculty. The list is not exhaustive, so please let me know if you notice a group that is missing. Hopefully, this can be a useful reference on what programs to consider.

UC Riverside - Nathan Gabor and Joshua Lai
UC Irvine - Javier Sanchez-Yamagishi*, Jing Xia and Luis Jauregui
UC Santa Cruz - Jairo Velasco
UC San Diego - Monica Allen and Chunhui Du
Carnegie Mellon - Benjamin Hunt
U of Arizona - Brian LeRoy
U of Alabama - Hugh Churchill
U of Arkansa - Paulo Araujo
U of Washington - Xiaodong Xu and David Cobden
University of British Columbia - Joshua Folk
Rutgers University - Eva Andrei and Jak Chakhalian
Boston College - Ken Burch
Penn State - Jun Zhu
Johns Hopkins - Peter Armitage
Ohio State - ChunNing Jeanie Lau

*full disclosure, this is me.

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