Help in Selection of Best-Fit Grad School

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Help in Selection of Best-Fit Grad School

Post by amans14 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:27 am

Hey, my stats are as follows:

Undergraduate Institution: Top Ranked Institute in India (QS: 150-200)
Overall GPA: 8.32/10
Majors: Physics
Candidate Type: International/Male

General: V: 159 (83%), M: 170 (96%), W: 4.5 (82%)
Physics: Giving Oct. 2018 (Expected: ~900 - 950)

TOEFL: 113 (Adequate for all colleges in US/UK)

1. 6 months: Cosmology in the US (1 paper preprint end of October 2018, 1 paper preprint more expected)
2. 2 months: High Energy Theory (No significant result)
3. 2.5 months: Cosmology in Canada (No significant result)

Basic Physics, Mathematics, Electrical, Chemistry courses + Basic Science Courses
UG Core Physics Courses (Applied Optics, Electrodynamics, Basic QM, Classical Mechanics, Statistical Physics, Computational Physics, etc.)
Graduate Level Group Theory, Quantum Field Theory (till Electroweak including symmetry Breaking + QCD), General Relativity
(University does not offer any more advanced theory courses in HET)
Advanced UG Foundations of QFT, Applications of QM
Good Hold in Complex Analysis and Linear Algebra

Special: 4 Recommendations (including 1 pretty decent one from a renowned professor)

Interest: Quantum Gravitation, Quantum Cosmology, Relativistic Quantum Information, Quantum Field Theory in non-Euclidean Geometries

Grasping at Straws:
Princeton University - Cosmology/HET
Stanford University - Cosmology/HET
University of Chicago - Cosmology/HET
Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics (Masters) - Cosmology/HET

Aiming For:
University of California, Los Angeles - HET
University of Maryland, College Park - HET
University of Toronto - HET
Pennsylvania State University - Cosmology/HET

Safe Institutes:
Texas A&M - HET
Stony Brook University - HET

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