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Post by carrie17 » Thu Apr 28, 2005 5:43 pm

Can anybody give ballpark figures for what scores translate into 80th percentile (or any percentile, for that matter)?
Also, do the percentiles only consider U.S. students who take the test?

Best of luck to the rest of the Nov. 2005 prep crowd!

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Post by darkhorse » Sat Apr 30, 2005 9:46 am

Hey carrie17,

It depends on the test. Below are for the tests that I have in front of me.
GR9677 is 80% with a raw score around 44-45
GR9277 and GR8677 are both 80% with a raw score of 55
I don't have the GR0177 in front of me at the moment but I imagine you can download it from ETS and see what the score is.

I think this applies to all test takers. I am pretty sure that you would need a lot less to be in the top 80% of american undergraduate students who take the test.

Keep in mind that the raw score is the number you get right minus i believe 1/4 point for every one you get wrong.

Man, you sure are thinking big shooting for 80%!

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