Suggest me suitable Graduate school

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Suggest me suitable Graduate school

Post by galpogujob » Sun Aug 31, 2014 11:02 am

I am from India. I want to do my PhD in Astrophysics from USA. But I do not have much knowledge how to chose graduate schools according to my application strength.

My field of interest - Astrophysics ( cosmology and extra galactic astrophysics)
Undergraduate GPA- 3.0
Physics GRE score- 56 parcentile :(
International Student (India)

General Gre-
Q- 162
verbal- 154

I have 1 year research experience under the guidance of famous astrophysicist and have good recommendation letter.

Please suggest me 10 best universities for doing my PhD in Astrophysics where I can get admission with this record. Please suggest me also what I can do to make my application more stronger. Please please help me

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