How Recent should GRE scores be?

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How Recent should GRE scores be?

Post by DocGotcha » Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:50 am

Hi Everyone,

I took the GRE General test in Nov 2005. I scored a 1340 ( 730 Q, 610 V, 5.5 W ). I was thinking of applying this fall for a Physics degree.

Do you guys think my GRE General test results are too old? They are supposed to last five years. Or should I just retake it and try improving my math score?

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Re: How Recent should GRE scores be?

Post by quizivex » Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:01 am

As long as your scores are still valid (which they are until 2010), it makes no difference when you took the test. The test is supposed to remain consistent over the years so nobody will care when you took it, they'll only care about your score itself. Scores are never "outdated" or "too old".

As for retaking it, I'd would not bother unless you're very confident you'd get an 800Q and your 730 was just a fluke. 730 isn't bad, but yes, most decent physics students do score higher. If upon taking the official GRE practice tests (on that CD ETS sends you), you found that you typically get a few math questions wrong, then getting an 800 next time is unlikely and it's not worth retaking it just to get a few points higher (750-760ish), especially since your verbal and writing scores are pretty good and you could score lower on those.

Overall, if you're confident in the rest of your application... you have strong grades in rigorous coursework and expect a high PGRE score, then your skills will be obvious and the QGRE will be irrelevant, so don't take it. But if your app isn't as strong, the committees may have their doubts, so maybe you should take it again if you expect to score near perfect...

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