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Conquering the Physics GRE - Amazon reviews

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:33 am
by YF17A
Dear physics students and readers of Conquering the Physics GRE,

It has given me great pleasure to return to this forum and see how many of you have found our reference helpful. This is exactly what my co-author and I were hoping for when we wrote the book! In order that future generations of physics students will see the same benefit, I'm asking for a favor. If you look at the reviews of our book on Amazon, you see that the vast majority are 5-star reviews, but the first ones that pop up on the page are highly critical reviews from earlier editions pointing out the numerous errors and typos that were present. These are of course fair reviews, but the book has been significantly revised since then - but since these reviews are marked "most helpful," they're listed first by default.

Those of you that have used the book most recently can attest to the presence of typos and errors, and whether these posed a distraction or not. Would you consider going on Amazon and marking some of the recent positive reviews as "helpful?" No need to write a review yourself unless you feel inclined to, but this one-click favor from several of you will allow future students to see some of the nice things you all have said about the book.

Thanks, and happy studying!