? Ideal time for taking Physics GRE test April or November ?

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? Ideal time for taking Physics GRE test April or November ?

Post by quanta » Wed Feb 02, 2005 9:25 am

Dear all

I have recently joined this forum
It feels nice to join this intellectual community of PhysicsGRE forum

I have recently completed Undergraduate degree in Computer Science
and am quite passionate about Physics. I've been quite fascinated and intersted in Physics & Astronomy since my childhood.
I will like to try for fall 2006 admission

I have a small query/problem regarding the score reporting dates. I'd be grateful if you
reply and answer my query.

The query is :

Can the score of GRE Physics subject test be reported a few days after the application submission deadine ?
Which offering of Physics GRE subject test is ideal for fall admission? April / November / December ?

I specifically want to know that is it o.k. to take the November 2005 offering of the GRE Physics subject test,
for being considered for admission in fall 2006
or will it be too late ?

Because the score reporting date for November test is somewhere in December end, and it might be possible that
the scores might reach you a few days after the application submission deadline.

Does that decrease the likelihood of receiving financial aid ?

is taking the Subject test in November 2005 adequate for fall 2006
admission, or do I need to take it even earlier i.e. April 2005 ?

The biggest problem I'm facing is that in my country ( India ) the GRE Subject Test
is held only once an year ( in November only). The test centers are not open on all the three dates, they are scheduled only for November test

So, if I want to appear for the Physics GRE Subject Test in April 2005, I have no other option except to go to
some other nearby foreign country where the test center is scheduled for April 2005 test.
Going to another country will be an expensive exercise.

some universities also have deadlines around 15th December. What about them?
Do they accept November test scores, which are reported around last week of December

If appearing for Subject test in April 2005 for fall 2006 admission really does give an extra edge
or some substantial advantage
or an increased probability of receiving financial aid then only I should be taking it in April 2005
( assuming that all other factors like scores, LOR's SOP's remain the same )

else I can better postpone till November and even prepare in a better and detailed manner

Please give your opinion and guidance regarding this dilemma

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Post by jjoseph » Thu Mar 31, 2005 9:51 am

Hi quanta,

I actually have the same question. In fact, I thought I had a year and a half to decide where I want to do my Ph.D. and all that, but then I saw that the subject test is offered only thrice a year and I was not ready for the April test. I'll have no choice than to do the November 2005 test.

I posted my question in the "Physics GRE Preparation Advice" section of this forum, and someone answered, you can check that.

I also sent an e-mail to the two universities I'm interested in (Harvard and MIT) and I am currently waiting for their reply. I'll post their answer as soon as I get it.

If Nov. 2005 is too late for the Fall 2006 application deadline, you could try to apply for a Spring term if there is one. At MIT, the deadline for Fall (September) 2006 is Jan. 1st, 2006 and for Spring (February) 2007 it's Nov. 1, 2006.

Of course, if you have already taken the April test, then it's done and I can only wish you good luck in your application.:wink:

I still don't understand what's the point of offering a test in April when it's way too early and in November/December where you're freaking out because you can't meet the application deadline for most universities. :x Why don't they offer it in August or September, for example?


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Post by Mick » Fri Apr 08, 2005 11:59 am

The April test is excellent for people who want to either work way ahead of deadline, or for international students that have to work 3 months ahead of everyone else, or for people that want to take it as a practice before doing another one in November. I wish they offered more than just one in April, I would like one in July and one in August.

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