Fun with physics - new edition of the free pdf book

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Fun with physics - new edition of the free pdf book

Post by motionmountain » Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:46 pm

The new edition of the free physics text in pdf format
is now online at

The new edition includes many new topics, pictures, puzzles
and tables; it keeps the promise to be fascinating and
challenging on every page.

The text now explains the geometric phase and its uses
in optics, the limited, three-dimensional colour space of
humans, how artists use it, and the twelve-dimensional colour
space of mantis shrimps, the fascinating physics of the human
voice, the singing of high-voltage lines, the knots possible
in Maxwell's equations, and the reasons not take Descartes'
philosophy seriously, following his own advice, because of
the finiteness of the speed of light.

The text also tells how to build a mirror that moves almost
as fast as light itself, explains why the signals between the
eye and the brain should be explored further, presents new
findings on how birds feel magnetic fields, introduces the
the nine mineral classes and the nine chemical elements
that make up almost all rocks, shows the shadow produced
by a single atom, tells how to measure the air temperature
in the summer using a clock and add various topics on
forensic physics, especially on the ways to make hidden
fingerprints visible.

Enjoy the reading!

Christoph Schiller

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