How was nov-Oct test

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How was nov-Oct test

Post by ruby » Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:26 pm

Hello folks,

I am taking the PGRE in April. I wanted to know how was the exam in OCT-NOV. What was the difficulty level. i wanted to talk to someone who can explain how should I prepare for the exam. Its been 4 yrs since i graduated so i don't have time to revise each and everything from undergrad. Please shed some light on how to get started for PGRE. IF some of you can give me your contact number i would be very thankful to you.

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Re: How was nov-Oct test

Post by TakeruK » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:12 pm

The November 2011 exam was very similar to the released 2008 exam. You will get the 2008 exam as a practice book after you register for the PGRE. I got the 2001 exam when I registered though and I did not find out about 2008 until after my exam!

There are lots of other information in this forum about preparing for the PGRE and everyone has different methods that work for them. One of my friends did really well by studying a first year physics textbook (e.g. Halliday et al.) and then doing each of the practice test problems (500 in total) over and over again until she was able to solve every one of them in less than 2 minutes. Another one of my friends did not look at any books, he only studied the practice booklet he was given (the 2001 one) and learned how to do every one of those questions. He also scored in the high 800s. So, it seems like the style/amount of preparation would be unique to each student!

Another general piece of advice is to take some of the old exams in test conditions (filling in bubbles and everything) to familiarize yourself.

For more details, as mentioned above, there are lots of material written about this in the forums! So take a look around :)

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